Monday, February 12, 2024

Commentary: The Marxism Behind the Open Border

America’s illegal immigration problem created by President Joe Biden’s administration embodies an ideology and achieves a very specific purpose — one that receives nearly no mention because to note it would reveal the game. Illegal immigration is a classic Marxist redistributionist plot. In this case, what’s being redistributed is America’s wealth to third-world nationals with no discernible skills and no intention of becoming “American.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, acting on behalf of the Biden administration, worked tightly with Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell to craft a terrible piece of legislation meant to jam not only House Republicans (McConnell’s favored enemy) but the people the House members represent.

Chuck Schumer and the president’s motives are not the same as Mitch McConnell’s.


  1. Prediction: The Deep State will come out on top and 90% of Americans don't give a shit because they're busy TiK Toking. on social media about how great the Kansas City Chiefs and Taylor Swift are.

  2. France, not that I recommend that country as a model in most instances, finally became aware of/got fed up with the excesses of their politician/elite in the late Eighteenth Century and wasted no time thereafter correcting the problem courtesy of Monsieur Guillotin; the idea has its appeal.

  3. Six companies own all the media...they tell you what they want you to know.
    In Hawaii, the state legislators are trying to ban President Trump from the ballot. Absolutely nothing on the Hawaiian news....

  4. Hawaii decided the Constitution doesn't apply to the "Spirit of Aloha". Let them take Trump off the ballot ... and give them their "independence". Shouldn't be a state anyway.

  5. The illegal immigration problem wasn't created by Pedo Joe's puppet masters. Just expanded greatly. America has had a problem with the southern border for decades. And with the exception of Eisenhower in the 50's np president has actually done much of anything to mitigate it...and congress has generally been even worse about the problem.


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