Thursday, February 22, 2024

Democrats’ Election Interference Starts With Lawfare That Keeps Trump From Campaigning

Democrats’ ultimate goal when it comes to Former President Donald Trump is not only kicking him off the ballot but getting enough out of their many lawfare cases, like Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s, to imprison him for good. The deep state’s big plans for conviction, however, aren’t the only way they are furthering their well-established election interference.


  1. On the one hand, we have Trump in court, so he cannot campaign in other states. On the other hand, we have FJB who has the memory of a gnat, and the stamina of a sloth. So while he could possibly travel to South Carolina and other places, he would not know where he was or why he was there.
    My biggest concern about the upcoming presidential election is not that Trump was not able to campaign effectively, rather it deals with the election itself and the manner in which it is run and the degree of illegal cheating that the Democrats are able to manage without being caught. I simply do not know if the Republicans will be able to overcome this third man in the race. With 2 and 4 years to fix the broken machine that is our elections, the Republicans can't argue that they did not have enough time.

    1. Not only do they not care if they're caught; they brag about their methods

    2. I wouldn't bet the current weed crop of repugnicans give a shit.
      All I've seen them do is spam me begging for $$$.
      have they kept any of the promises made prior to being elected yet?
      Trump & Reagan have been the only ones to make that attempt in my memory.


  2. ...without being caught... You MUST be joking.

    Not one to start a fight, but you know better. I've read your comments before today.


  3. Don't ignore the money angle. To appeal Trump must put up a bond with the State of New York of half a billion dollars. Trump isn't the wealthy man he once was, part of his sacrifice has been over half the fortune he possessed in 2016. He will not have the ability to finance his campaign internally.
    That is probably a huge part of the purpose of these attacks and the ridiculous fines, to deny him the cash to campaign.
    The Deep States plan is working.

    1. Truth social it's about to release an IPO. Estimates are $5 billion into Trump's coffers. I bet his new sneaker company could pay that evil judge Eregon's fine.

    2. @Anonymous February 23, 2024 at 6:15 AM

      > could pay that evil judge Eregon's fine

      I know fiscal conservatism isn't the American way. But it'd be a lesser expense (and a far better investment) to Soleimani the hero. Via the private sector, of course. If only Americans had Mexicans to do the work.

  4. One thing that's missing in this or any article about Trump's legal woes and any analysis of them is that all of these articles by the MSM and counter articles by the alt press and other sites are keeping Trump's name right at the top of the stack of news articles on multiple platforms on a daily basis. So even though his personal appearance campaigning might be lessened, his name recognition, even though the fawning press is trying bury it in mud, is STILL way higher than any other candidate's EVER and people are seeing that he's being railroaded, especially after that egregiously ridiculous fine in the "fraud" case.

    ""There's no such thing as bad publicity." - P.T. Barnum



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