Thursday, February 29, 2024

Good Morning



  1. Da bitch is gonna need some Dr. Naylor Udder Balm First Aid

  2. Having raised a lot of hogs and farrowed sows, I can attest that little pigs have some nasty tusks straight from the womb. Often the sow's udder has marks on her teats from the pigs nursing.

  3. Puppies are pretty well equipped with razor teeth also.

    You've never lived until you have rolled around the kitchen floor with a pack of puppies trying to eat you LOL.

    1. Puppy teeth are razor sharp and can saw through a nylon leash in seconds. It's also how they get weaned: when they start nipping mommas titties.

  4. A pair of baby side cutters and nip those teeth out on day 3, that removes the tusks, right even with the gum line. Cut the tails at the same time. Oh and 1cc of iron to give bacon bits a fighting chance!

    Drew in Michigan


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