Monday, February 26, 2024

Modern Marvels: The Toxic 6,000-Year History of Lead

 VIDEO HERE  (43:36 minutes)


  1. So I'm at the gun show in Denver selling cast boolits and some cases of E-mags right before the capacity ban is going into effect. This fat, man boob having sack of already chewed bubble gum shuffles up to the table, and I notice he's got greasy skin, a neck beard, and a baby blue "Model UN" t-shirt. I already jumped to a conclusion in my head, but asked as non judgeme tally as I could muster, "Do you have a caliber and weight in mind?". He ignored the question and asked me what they were made of. "Cast lead, most bullets are made of lead" He asked me in that wheezy, phlegmy, I'm gonna die of heart disease before I see my pecker again without a mirror voice, "Isn't that bad for the environment?" I asked him what exactly he meant. He said that he thinks it might be dangerous for all that lead to end up on the ground and in the soil. Now I'm only half listening as my buddy whispers in my ear that MagPul just pulled in with a semi trailer full of last ditch freedom mags that they were going to sell below cost of manufacturing so they could poke the state in the eye before moving to Wyoming, and I realized that I'm now sitting on mags that I'm not going to be able to sell. I was pissed. So I unloaded on UN neckbeard with insults about his appearance, hygiene, circumstances of birth and by what animal, and intelligence given that lead came out of the environment, specifically, from soil.

    I haven't had to buy any mags since then, but I no longer try to make a buck on political speculation. I'll leave that to the professionals like Nancy Piglosi. And if I ever see the assholes from MagPul in public, I'm gonna kick them square in the balls for my trouble.


  2. Lead may be the end of me for all I know. I've been soldering audio and other electronics for 40 years. The Flux smells great!

  3. Starker here,
    Once the lead has an oxide coating it is no longer reactive. Only acid can leach it out. That's why they still dig for Civil War bullets 160 years later and because of that coating they look like ones that are 5-10 years old.


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