Monday, February 26, 2024

Tennessee House Advances Bill Banning Local Governments from Returning Expelled Lawmakers

A bill advancing in the Tennessee House of Representatives would prohibit local governments from returning lawmakers to the General Assembly after they have been successfully expelled from office. 

HB 2716 by State Representative Johnny Garrett (R-Goodlettsville) seeks to amend Tennessee law to mandate that any local government body must “elect a successor to fill a vacant seat” in the General Assembly due to a vacancy caused “due to the expulsion of a member for disorderly behavior, then the local legislative body shall not elect the expelled legislator to be the successor to fill the vacant seat.”


  1. Might prevent the farce that happened last year from happening again.

  2. That just doesn't seem right. If the people of that particular district want him there and have voted for him again, are they saying to the citizens "F____ You"? Isn't that what they are trying to do with Trump? They don't care what the people want....THEY are in power!

    1. Read Anon@2:22's comment above, then ask yourself if children that are constantly disrupting classes aren't allowed to return, why should lawmakers who have been expelled from the legislature for the exact same thing be allowed to return? There are certain rules and decorum that have to be followed to get things done, correct?

    2. Not a very good comparison, but if the MAJORITY of parents in that school district wanted these kids returned, shouldn't they be able to return? If the behavior prevented official business from being conducted, they should be in jail, no?

  3. Makes sense, does it not?


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