Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Your Wednesday Morning Florida Report

A Tampa firefighter who became well-known after speaking out about alleged racial harassment at his fire station has been fired. 

The city says Andrew Dixon forged signatures about his attendance at paramedic training. Tampa Fire Rescue says Dixon claimed he was at paramedic training sessions when he wasn't and said he then went on to give himself "excellent" evaluations for courses he never completed.


  1. Is this a guess the race test?

  2. Those living in glass houses should not throw rocks?

  3. He will be back after they pay him his million dollar settlement.

  4. sheeeyt mfugguh he dindu nuffn

  5. Another Smoked Irishman hits bottom.

    1. As one who is part Irish I find that offensive, But as I am an adult and it did not effect my life in the least I can ignore the slur. My Father did tell me that we were Black Irish though.

  6. Just an n being an n.

  7. It can't be true. I've been assured that the sainted knee grows are always right.

  8. This story clearly requires some blaxplanation...

    Signatures are a white racist construct, dating back to a time when few blacks could read or write (last year, I believe it was). Furthermore, the brutha was so sure that HAD he attended the training, he would have been subjected to brutal harassment for outperforming his white inferiors, and therefore felt justified in pre-emptively awarding himself an "excellent" rating without the need to actually attend.


  9. Why bother going to class and studying, when you know that when you fail the test for promotion, they'll throw it out because when whites who studied do better than blacks who didn't, that proves it's biased.


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