Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Commentary: Big Pharma’s Wokeness

Big Pharma is not your friend. Whether it’s hiking up drug prices or bribing the Swamp, the pharmaceutical industry works against the people’s interests. Many Americans are aware of Big Pharma’s greed and the power it wields over Washington, D.C., but fewer are aware of just how left-wing the industry is. It serves as a cash cow for the left and pushes woke ideas on its employees and the country at large. This may explain why Democrats, who act like they hate Big Pharma, serve the industry’s interests.


  1. "bribing the Swamp".
    Can you call it 'bribing' when in fact they are your EMPLOYEES?

  2. A patient cured, is a customer lost. They do not want you to be cured. If you or someone you know has diabetes, I urge you to check out Jason Fung on youtube. Not only can it be managed without insulin (which make it worse), you can CURE it.


  3. Revelation 9:21
    Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

    "sorceries" in Greek is "Pharmakaeia. Just sayin'.....

  4. Taylor doesn't care, so long as Travis gets his cut.
    What a couple of poltroons.


  5. Today prescription drugs are like vehicles, smartphones, Netflix subscriptions, social media platform membership and amazon prime. People absolutely cannot live without them. If access to them is taken away even for a few minutes mental breakdowns and suicide rates go through the roof. That's how the elite corporate CEOs can easily separate you from your money. It works because all people are emotional reacting, instant gratification addicts and critical thinking, long term people gravitate to the head of not only corporations, but government as well.

  6. It's been a long held belief of mine that you'll be healthier and happier the more you stay away from everyone in the "medical profession"....
    You'll walk in healthy and leave with an issue that needs "further evaluation" by a specialist....
    Yea, fuck all that

  7. You know why it costs so much for healthcare ? Big pharmaceutical companies, they've been running the show forever.

    1. And if you tell the pharmacist that you have insurance, you get to pay your $10 or $20 per prescription. If you don't tell the pharmacist that you have insurance, some of your medications can be $2.50.

  8. Fenbendazoleas in Fenben or Panacur….
    a common animal dewormer….
    and it’s use in cancer treatments….????


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