Thursday, March 07, 2024

McConnell’s Retirement Marks The End Of The Disastrous Bush Era

Mitch McConnell and his friends are keen to paint the outgoing majority leader as the bookend of the Age of Reagan. Even some of his liberal opponents are happy to repeat the lazy mantra, if only to contrast gooey 1980s nostalgia with the populist conservatism of the new right.


  1. Byeeeee good riddance hope he'll has a place for all the Rinos and pedophiles

  2. Dint happen soon enough.

  3. He wasn't put in prison or hung.
    That's impressive show of power.

  4. WestcoastDeplorableMarch 7, 2024 at 6:10 PM

    McConnell's old lady was the daughter of one of the most powerful political figures/businessmen in China. I guess we'll eventually discover how much that impacted our government. But I can guarantee is wasn't good for we the sheeple.

  5. Mc Turtle was good for holding out against the demonkraps Supreme Court nominees, but not worth a wet fsrt for anything else
    ADIOS asshole


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