Wednesday, March 13, 2024

The 1911

Why Everyone Loves/Hates the 1911  (11:33 minutes)

Making Today's Colt M1911  (10:37 minutes)


  1. Old fart here. I grew up shooting 1911s and Colt pistols. I've put a lot of rounds through mine, and have had few real failures. And yes, the triggers are MUCH better than the plastic fantastics... Why buy a S&W and have to immediately buy a 'trigger' kit for it? Oh yeah, and I was taught to CLEAN my guns...

  2. I don't hate it. I have three, a .45, 10mm & the Walther .22 (but it says Colt).

    1. That Walther .22 1911 is one of my favorite pistols

  3. I have 3 ,1911 in 45. always wanted to get a 38 super, but they where either out or had no ammo for the one they did have ? one is a officer model that the wife likes a lot, so it is hers.
    when Springfield came out with the SA-35, I just knew i had to get one. had 2 browning hi-powers in my past. lost one in the divorce and the other to pay medical bills.
    I will say the SA-35 shoots better than the other ones did and the trigger is more like a 1911 in "feel" and like many others, I grew up with a 1911 as dad had one.
    mom liked her 38 Smith. old school 4 inch barrel that she loaded with wad cutters.
    she always used to out shoot dad with it too. say what you will, it is a very good weapon and in the hands of someone that knows it, it just works.
    have thought about getting a 10mm one, we see.

  4. I carry a Commander daily and own several others. There's been a tremendous amount of improvements to the gun. You need to be very careful with some of the defensive ammo on the market. A lot of them have such an aggressive edge on the tip they can cause serious feeding issue. Like with every round. So be sure and put a couple mags through of what you carry with. I just started carrying Fortis. A different concept in defensive rounds and feeds like ball.

  5. The 1911,....Gods Gun:

  6. Manny Mansfield:

    Hilton Yam:

  7. Well, I love handguns, but figured out at an early age that pistol stopping power was mostly bullshit. If you want stopping power at close range, get a twelve gauge. Or damn near any rifle with a caliber larger than .22LR. There is simply no pistol on earth that I would choose to make an assault with. A pistol is nothing more than a defensive weapon of last resort. They are small and easily concealable. That's about it. Acorn cop demonstrates why high capacity isn't going to save you if you can't hit shit. I personally only daily carry handguns in 45ACP or a caliber that ends in Magnum. Guess that makes me a Fud. I love the 1911 and will trust my life to mine until I depart this earth. Eod1sg Ret

  8. 1911 tuning:
    Trigger (sear / hammer engagement)
    Mag quality, esp follower quality
    Extractor tension

    Normal cleaning
    Full disassembly cleaning (trigger / sear parts, springs, extractor channel, etc) every couple of k
    Spring replacement: recoil spring 2k, firing pin spring 5k, mainspring 10k

    1911 can be dry fired thousands of times without breaking anything. And I have done so. Can you do that with your POS striker fired gun?

    Reliability 100%

  9. The Colt 1911. The original grease gun. Works fantastic as long as it is clean and oiled up. Accurate as long as it is clean too. I like my Springfield XDM better though. It fits my hand better, less recoil, stays accurate no matter how dirty. I put roughly 4,000 rounds through it once without cleaning to find out if it would fail. I finally gave up. Broke a roll pin after 40,000 rounds. Still going strong.

    1. The ones originally produced for the military were loose. Accuracy was acceptable for field use, and they ate shit and kept going. The new ones are manufactured to close tolerances and don't tolerate dirt well. The gun was originally designed for field use. The new ones are based on the original design, hence the reported issues.

  10. I have an OLD combat elite/essex hybrid. Ok, maybe its more essex with a few colt parts thrown in, but its lots o fun.
    Sweetpea got me a 'mech-tech' ccu kit for it a couple of years back. Now, its more fun.
    Looks like im gonna need a new 1911. lol

  11. I've shot a few, never owned one.....
    If you love it great, if not well that's fine too
    The reason there are so many different types of handguns is because nothing is right for everyone
    Carry on with your discussion

  12. Honest Outlaw says:

    T Dub says:
    I prefer to keep it simple- no gadgets on my *DEFENSIVE* carry piece.
    Decent sights, quality mags, proper maintenance.
    Upgrade questionable parts:
    Test for reliability:

    A well-tuned 1911 is a joy to use!

    Test for reliability.*



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