Friday, March 01, 2024

When you're too uppity for a Waffle House shithouse

VERONA, Ky. (WXIX/Gray News) - A gas station bathroom turned into a wedding venue for a couple as they exchanged their “I dos.” 

Tiana and Logen Abney knew the men’s bathroom inside the HOP Shops in Verona, Kentucky, was the perfect wedding venue for them.


  1. What? Was the city dump closed? Sometimes you just have to adapt.

  2. The perfect place for a redneck couple to come together especial if there’s a tattoo parlor in the rear of the convenience store for an after-ceremony tat & vape honeymoon reception. On a less than optimistic note imagine what it's gonna be like when gas stations are history and their kids have to "unite in holy matrimony" next to an EV charging station in February.

  3. That marriage is gonna go to shit...

  4. I was expecting "It was where we had our first bang".

  5. To quote my older brother: Oh baby, you got that thing stinking today!

  6. Location concealed to protect the guilty. A burger place downtown in the college town next door had a restroom with a door that wouldn't lock and would barely close. It was small enough that you could hold the door closed while tending to your needs. Last time I was there the restroom had been fixed up. Good food, though. It never made me sick.

  7. Dollar Store now contemplating a new revenue stream...


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