Wednesday, April 03, 2024

A man tries to go back to school and everybody loses their shit

Police responded to Loretto Elementary School in Mandarin when a man was found sitting in a classroom early Tuesday morning before students arrived. 

Allen Perry, 47, was arrested by Duval County School Board police for trespassing on school property, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office incident report.


  1. Jax has I-295 "wall" around it, Kinda wish it was a wall! Jax is and pretty much has been the area crime center! several shooting, murders and Kaa ray Zee chit each and everyday!

  2. Mandarin is pretty nice. Proximity to JAX, though.

  3. Back in my school days he would have gotten after school detention supervised by Miss Mulhern a 60+ something spinster with a sadistic attitude who’d make Ma Kettle look like Jennifer Lawrence.

  4. I mean, you try to turn your life around and get your diploma, but the system is rigged against you man!

  5. Man!
    That was one heck of a lunch recess!


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