Tuesday, April 16, 2024

All I'm saying is he's lucky he wasn't my family member

Three family members were indicted for allegedly kidnapping a man in Mexico and threatening his family in Los Angeles County for a ransom. 

The suspects, who are all residents of Rosarito, Mexico, were identified as:


Yeah man, I'd have thought it was one of those extortion scams. I'd have tried to order 4 goat tacos and told them, "Go ahead and kill his dumb ass. If he's stupid enough to visit that shithole country, he's stupid enough to die there," while laughing the whole time.


  1. The Getty protocol.....

  2. Can we put him on lay away?

  3. I have a Hispanic in-law. His mother was kidnapped at an ATM in South Gate, CA. Fortunately, she was recovered in Utah!! And this was many years ago! Yes, people, this is what you are importing over the border, NOT refugees. Our young people are so fucking naive, it will take at untold generations to fix it.

    1. Wholesale shooting illegals where you find them will likely shorten the recovery time.
      Strong action is required to retrain entire generations of domestic youths.


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