Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Commentary: Migrants Feel the Pain of Biden’s Virtue

For women and children, the road to hell is paved with Democrats’ good intentions.

The party’s beliefs about the right thing to do regarding the border are the main contributors to an explosion of rape, human trafficking, prostitution, and child labor.

As James Varney recently reported for RealClearInvestigations, much of this human tragedy can be traced to the scores of executive orders and other new policies advanced by the Biden administration to encourage millions of migrants from around the world to come to America.


  1. "An explosion of rape, human trafficking, prostitution, and child labor":
    Sounds like the Democrats' favorite vacation destination, Epstein Island.

  2. Knee jerk, virtue-signaling, feel good fantasy is like a drug high. The trouble is the rich, white progressives never appear to come down from their endorphin fueled rush. They've been so indoctrinated by the education system's commies the only realistic cure is promoting their one way trip to perdition.

    1. There's more realistic "cures", but they tend to be messy.

  3. Squatter administrations suck.

  4. Over 350,000 illegals flown in. How sick is that. Fly the illegals in. Someone needs to be shot. They probably dont even fly them in on Boeings.

  5. I'm way past caring. The more that suffer, the better. Maybe word will get back to their homelands that the democrat promise of free gibs is a cynical cruel lie, and they will stop coming.


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