Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Good Morning



  1. Awww what a cute puppy. "Winky"

  2. The lull before the storm. Gotta love em.

    1. no shit ! wife got one a few months back. just like the one above. cute as anything you ever saw. Now ? eats at least 2 cans of dog food and 4-8 cups or dry. and still growing ! takes at least 5-6 dumps per day and you have to watch and clean up after him as he is dumb enough to eat it (???) sticks, paper or anything else will be torn to bits in no time too- just more fun with puppy. he great with the Paw, and his nails are sharp too. he also likes to dig holes in the yard. so, yeah. puppies are fun
      and she wonders why I wanted to get a older dog too. that said. we do loved the not so small guy. and I have warned her, he will get bigger as he not done growing yet. I think it like 1.5- 2 years for a golden. anyway, she always shows me his picture as a small pup like the one above. funny that part. now I have to go and clean up the yard again ! dave in pa.

  3. He's sure got the perfect tag, doesn't he?


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