Monday, April 01, 2024

Hillbilly Highway: The Road Out of Appalachia

VIDEO HERE (19:46 minutes)


  1. they were tough, tough people. the likes of which will never be seen again. they just don't make em like that anymore. long gone and forgotten for the most part. sad.

  2. I'm 7th generation (not 7th son though) of eastern Kentucky but 1st to not be raised in the family holler

  3. My wife's dad and most of her uncles come to Cleveland from bumfuck holler WV to work in the auto plants rather than the coal mines.

  4. Terrific film. I've walked many miles off the beaten path of the Virginia Blue Ridge. In the seventies I found many homes, barns and sheds completely abandoned. A couple were small communities. Of course all were of chestnut. One of those places you would give anything to have owned and lived there. However, they were abandoned because the government ran everybody off.

  5. An old saying in Eastern KY when I worked and lived there was about the three "R's". Readin, ritin and Route 23.


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