Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Shit, it probably improved the neighborhood

Among the 46,000 people in Los Angeles experiencing homelessness, there are dozens living along the Arroyo Seco next to the 110 Freeway near Highland Park. 

Those living there have constructed a number of different makeshift structures, some with tents, tarps and other scrap materials, but at least one of the structures, complete with a stone wall, a walkway, a front door, electric-powered lighting and even a hammock for relaxing, stands out.


  1. And they got to interview a socialist:
    "Ulysses Chavez told KTLA that he thinks getting by in Los Angeles has become too difficult.

    “It’s messed up,” he said. “They should lower rent. They should lower all kinds of stuff, especially in L.A.” ".

    The command economy: because it's worked so well everywhere else.

  2. i stopped at "unhoused residents"..

  3. When you let them go you end up with these...

  4. Very common in 3rd world countries. Devolution.

  5. People never think of the feces and urine left everywhere by these homeless camps. They also create large piles of trash that accumulates until the city comes in to clean up. It is a complete fetid mess that the Dems in CA have no stomach to eliminate.

  6. "Unhouse Residents build home..."
    Ummm... "Illegal's put up a shanty..." never sounded so PC.
    These fucking lying commies... Someone really needs to start shooting them, it's not an accident, they're doing it on purpose.

  7. Aaaaand who exactly is supplying electricity ??? Can't they just unplug the source ??? I know it won't solve the whole problem , but at the same time it might help stop developing a real permanent invasion of waste of society ... Veterans deserve help , illegals can go back to live like that , do that in their own original shithole 3rd world countries ...


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