Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Some fear University of Michigan proposed policy on protests could quell free speech efforts

A University of Michigan proposal aimed at deterring disruptions on its Ann Arbor campus after anti-Israel protesters interrupted an honors convocation is sparking backlash from free speech advocates. 

Violations of the policy, which has yet to be implemented, could result in suspension or expulsion for students and termination for university staff.


  1. So they allow the Klan to make speeches there? Or do they only believe in certain people having approved opinions?

    1. National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie

  2. Yes, limit protests so a radical fringe doesn't have a Heckler's Veto over presentations... It seems like 'free speech' for the left means the freedom to silence anyone they don't like today.

    FOAD snowflake. Learn to deal with disagreement.

  3. ...and in other news, Google fired 28 people for staging an anti Israel protest and spraying graffiti INSIDE a Google building yesterday. That's 28 other Google staff that get to keep their jobs because some of their colleges are too stupid to understand what might get you fired. Dumassery defined.



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