Friday, April 12, 2024

Tennessee Senate bans local governments from enacting red flag laws

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — No local governments will be able to pass ordinances that allow for extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs) unless the state legislature passes a law for them, so says the Tennessee Senate.

During its Thursday, April 11 session, the Senate approved SB2763, which prohibits all political subdivisions—meaning city and county governments—from enacting any laws, ordinances or resolutions that provide for ERPOs. The bill also prohibits local governments from accepting any grants tied to ERPO enforcement.


  1. Pretty sad that we need individual pieces of legislation to exclude each specific dumbass edict that some county or municipality might decide is a good idea.

    No do climate negligence lawsuits.

    1. This is just the latest spiral in circling the drain.
      An endless stream of legislation. One says, We will do this, another says, We shall not do this. One says, You shall do that, another which says, You shall not do that.

      A war of ideology. Sanity has ceased to exist in this Orwellian world. In a nod to Bradbury, fireman no longer extinguish fires, they start fires.

      The ship is unmoored. You and yours are on your own.

    2. War on the Constitution (& We the People) by illegitimate government.
      Need I say more?

  2. Well, yes- but how do you write a general bill that says 'don't do stupid shit'? Who decides? It's a nuisance, but I can't see any way around forbidding the idiocy du jour, particularly at the city/county level. The pols and voters in those cities/counties WILL do that sort of thing unless pre-empted. And pre-emption for everything just won't work.

    1. You've alluded to why the U.S. Constitution, amendments inclusive, for how to run a country is but a few pages.
      It was conceived that each person would use their God given senses to behave according to reason with the innate knowledge of what is right or wrong.

      To wit; no one had to tell them.
      Now, the legislatures, the courts, all who are in a position of authority have usurped the rights and privileges accorded to each one of us.

      Legislatures limited only to legislate, that they will do gladly. They fervently legislate us into a world of insanity. While swirling downward it will only become more insane.


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