Wednesday, April 03, 2024

What is a squatter? How trespassing can lead to homeownership in NY

NEW YORK - Imagine returning from a monthslong vacation to see a stranger making breakfast, watching television, and washing laundry – in your home!

In some cases, this might not be considered trespassing. Instead, the intruder could be a squatter, and they have more rights to do this than one might think.


Trespassers Welcome: How the Law Protects Squatters
VIDEO HERE  (7:56 minutes)


  1. Still wondering why democrats want to take your guns away?
    They don't really care about your GUNS, but it is all the OTHER stuff that they want.
    Guns are just in the way.

  2. Yeah, well....there are alternative solutions.

  3. Squatting needs an infomercial.
    A lot of people want home ownership without hassle.
    Set it and forget it.

  4. Shoot, shovel, shut up....and maybe plant an endangered species of plant over the excavation for good measure....

  5. Should I encounter one, the fuzz won't be called to evict the freeloader!

    Chutes Magoo

  6. On the off chance this happens near here, we rent excavators and really don't ask alot of questions.

    Septic tanks are supposed to be inspected, but duck ponds for those cute little ducks at TSC, not so much.

    Steve in Ky

  7. Call 411. Know where to dig.

  8. In a way, this is turning your home into a welfare shelter. This began popping up during the Kung-Flu when NYS forbade landlords from evicting anyone. Too many people took advantage and gave landlords the middle finger, but the state got used to not having to pay shelter bills.
    The other big factor is that the NYS Assembly is now majority non-white and that alone brings a whole race-based set of problems along with it. I don’t have to spell it out for anyone here, but the majority of landlords in NY are people who own a second home and rent it, or rent a two-family home. And with this crew, any chance to stick it Whites, they’re going to do it. As I said, this is an opportunity to allow the vomit of society to seize your property and it gets homeless people off the streets at no cost to the state. If, like many, those landlords are using the rent to offset the property taxes and are now SOL, no problem, the local municipality will seize the property and they’ll own it. In this scenario, no matter what, they win.

  9. Somebody squats at my place and they’ll be living with me for very short time. I doubt they will like the peculiar habits I’ll share with them.

  10. I think we need to redefine "squatter" - after they've been asked to leave, they're not squatters, they're trespassers. Unless they have a rental contract, I don't see any legal reason that the term "eviction" should apply to them at all. Which is WHY we have rental contracts - because without them the renter has no rights and the landlord doesn't have financial recourse.

    So a simple redefinition in the law would be enough to solve this whole problem. But I suspect that's not even needed - I'd bet the actual LAW already reads that way. It's just not what our overlords want enforced. Please prove me wrong? But I'm pretty sure on this point.

    John G

  11. I couldn't get past the line ....Imagine returning from a months long vacation ... Shit I tried to retire, lasted 2 months, but then Hurricane Ida came along and wrecked my area. After so many of my old customers called looking for help in rebuilding I got most of my old crew together and went back to work... Was shooting to try again by the beginning of this year, maybe by summer.. 🤞

  12. In the free state of Florida "If you are legally in your home or vehicle and an intruder attempts to forcefully and without permission attempt to enter, you may legally shoot them"....also known as the anti squatter bill....from what I understand, it is best to have them fall into the house....just in case some bleeding heart tries to twist the law.....


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