Friday, April 19, 2024

Your Friday Morning Florida Report

A man broke into a Port Orange home and took the homeowner’s pet dog after claiming he was looking for his stolen dog, police say.

The Port Orange Police Department said Jenung Marenah, 32, broke into a home early Monday in the 700 block of E. Hensel Hill Road after hearing a barking dog and walked into the home through the backyard.


  1. "Jenung Marenah"? That spook's name sounds like his mother took it off the menu of a resturant in Jakarta

  2. "Port Orange" looks like he's dressed for it.
    And: break into my house? Bad for you.
    Try and take my dog? You poor bastard.

  3. It's them again...

  4. A man should be able to legally shoot any asshole that tries to steal his dog

  5. So he is looking for his black pit bull, overhears a barking dog, and takes a yellow lab. Impeccable logic, dude (oh, now I see his picture. QED.) Story did not indicate if the lab is OK. I sure hope so.


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