Friday, May 17, 2024

And I'll leave you with this:


  1. I will hold that moment in my heart.

  2. The moon does come over the mountain

  3. Mary Beth about to catch this blessing.

  4. Sorry, can't look at that without thinking about what it'd smell like. Ick.

    Yeah, I must be in a really foul mood today. (Pun intended.)

    Reminds me of a story I heard on the jobsite though. One of the electricians was totally gay. Which was fine for awhile. There was a couple of other electricians working in a small shaft - not quite bad enough to qualify as a confined space, but close. So the gay guy is bringing them parts when one of them farted. A real foul one too.

    And then the gay guy inhales, savoring the scent, and says: "Mmmm... Smells like sex!"

    Yeah, things got a little chillier after that. After the initial response of "Get. out!", I mean.

    Just another instance of "it's fine, keep in behind closed doors and I don't care what you do." failing miserably because the homos and queers can't keep their mouths shut about it. Perverts gonna perv, I guess.

    John G.

    1. My dude, put down the pipe.

    2. Dude, when I was in the trades a comment like that would have everyone busting a gut.

  5. in addition to the obvious, she has a great smile

  6. If she needs a place to sit.....

  7. Dear women... If you understand men, you understand this image. It is a healthy mix of sexiness and human warmth. When a man cannot get that or is shamed for wanting it, civilization dirs. Feminists hate this. Yet it is true.

  8. Dayum! She's a cutie!


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