Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Commentary: Preserving Family Values and the Family Itself Are Critical Factors in this Election

In today’s political discourse, conversations about saving our nation and its future are increasingly common. Key issues such as border security, increasing crime, economic stability, and rising inflation dominate headlines. 

However, amidst these pressing concerns, there is a critical, yet often overlooked, issue that demands our immediate attention.


  1. Family values are built on creating and maintaining individual responsibility and sound principles. Too bad they're absent on lots of people thanks to social media that creates self-absorbed, nitwits who's only life goal is to fuck over others to make themselves feel superior.

  2. Every story and ad now has to show blacks. I'd say that needs to be addressed.

    1. Perhaps they are pointing to the ones who need to return to family values the most.

  3. Not sure what 'family values' even mean to today's Americans. Nearly all of my sons' friends came from broken homes, dividing their weekends between warring exes. Even the simple idea of "Sunday dinner" with generations eating a meal together is all but forgotten as a tradition.


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