Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Commentary: Solutions for America’s Unhealthy Economy

LinkedIn is the worst social media site in existence.

Engaging with literal pornbots on Twitter is less soul-sucking than reading the tone-deaf striver banalities and motivational tripe that festoon the place: “Here are five things I learned about peer-to-peer marketing after proposing to my girlfriend,” etc.

LinkedIn’s “hustle and grind” culture is toxic and a sign of broader economic and political problems. Americans work way too much. Simply staying afloat in this economy as a middle-class household usually requires that both husband and wife work full-time. Americans notoriously have relatively few vacation days when compared to workers in other advanced economies.


  1. I joined LinkedIn years ago when my son asked me to so he could show more connections, sorry, I meant links. I've looked at it less than once a year since. As far as I'm concerned, I've had a wonderful life, and it's all thanks to LinkedIn. Join, but don't participate.

  2. I link linkedin, I look at the stupid bs posted by coworkers and know which ones to avoid at work.


  3. Linkedin should be retitled 'Stinkedin".

  4. What a pile of crap. More pie in the sky crap written by a person who clearly has very soft hands. "Blue collar professionals" are tired of being told "what should be" by folks with no skin in the game.

    Speaking for me only: I couldn't care less what "the country needs". The country has spent my entire life telling me that whypepo are the problem. Message received. Get your diversity pets to do the heavy lifting for a while.

    Who is John Galt?

  5. When claiming that PTO isn't always used, I wonder how many of those are Gov't (all levels) saving it for cash out purposes due to the income boosting in the last year greatly affects retirement pay.

  6. I use Linkedin to keep in touch with former co-workers now that I'm retired. occasionally I get an email from a recruiter but that's it.

  7. I use LinkedIn to price jobs in my major/field. If I must use my degree to work then I'll likely seek work overseas where I have rights, freedom, and fair wages. The USA simply doesn't treat its workers well enough to retain advanced labor. Corporations expect us to kill ourselves for the job and be thankful for it.

    LinkedIn is basically a self-doxing website, I don't volunteer too much to it.

    - arc

  8. Linked in found me the job that got me to TN, so that was worth the exposure. To be sure, it looks to have devolved into a bunch of sniveling sycophants chasing the DEI (DIE?) propaganda pogrom. I still have a presence and occasionally correspond with former colleagues, or at least the few that liked me.


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