Thursday, May 30, 2024

Craft Distilleries Fight for Survival Amid Crushing Regulations

In 2012, Time magazine ran a piece titled "A Booze of One's Own: The Micro Distillery Boom," which heralded the coming rise of locally sourced, handcrafted, small-batch distilleries that were popping up across America. At the time, there were 250 craft distilleries in the country—up from around 50 in 2005—and the article boldly asserted that in just 10 years' time, there could be over a thousand.


  1. "Hi were from the government and we're here to help" strikes again. About the only thing the bureaucratic assholes are here to help is helping themselves to your tax money.

    1. "Hi were from the government and we're here to help" - that's old school. Now they show up with 20 feds packing full auto and wearing their Gestapo uniforms. They don't even try and pretend anymore.

  2. Their first mistake was self identifying to the " proper authorities" so they could be safe from the people that are putting them out of business. Either way you are going to be a target. Folks have forgot that these people could not properly run a whore house.

  3. Ya, it couldn't be market saturation and the overpriced fruity assed beer they're producing!

    Chutes Magoo

  4. Are moonshiners included in the 250 craft distilleries or are they classified differently?

  5. You didn't think those big boys who donate to campaigns were just gonna let you compete did you?

  6. Wouldn't it suck if they reclassed C&R and CMP purchases as illegal or "obtained through a retroactively closed loophole" and went after the purchasers?

    Like if the banks realize they're worse than broke so .gov seizes everybody's 401k and IRAs?

    Couldn't happen here, eh?

    The Aussies recently voted in Digital ID with a voice vote.


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