Thursday, May 23, 2024

Freddy the Firebug strikes again

A woman in Washington is fearing for her life after a man appeared to target her home on camera.

Video released by authorities show a man walking up to April Brown’s home and spraying some sort of fuel all over the house in the early hours of Friday before sunrise.


  1. As he was starting the conflagration the musically inclined young fella was heard singing:

    Insane, inside
    The danger gets me high
    Can't help myself
    Got secrets I can't tell

    I love the smell of gasoline
    I light the match to taste the heat
    I've always liked to play with fire
    Play with fire
    I've always liked to play with fire

  2. Shoreline, WA? Not caring. Probably a drug addled vagrant just trying to keep warm. She should be happy, we can be pretty confident how she votes and she's living in a single party Dem utopia without any mean tweets. Having your house set afire is a small price to pay for all that.

  3. You might be the one being replaced by a migrant, April.
    Shoreline is blue hive country.

  4. Looks like Randall the Candle was booked that day.


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