Thursday, May 30, 2024

Good Morning



  1. Not On My Watch ...

  2. Looks like she's safe from pedo Joe.

  3. yup. that little girl sleeps well thanks to her puppy. sad to say, the way the world is today. more little girls need a good dog like that to keep them safe.
    something like this always makes me smile. dave in pa.

  4. This one could be very useful in East room ceremonies.

  5. If there was ever a photo for Love of Another, it is that one.

  6. Heaven help whoever tries to hurt that little girl while she’s asleep (or while she’s awake, for that matter) and that dog is around. Dobermans have too much energy for me to work at this stage of my life, but man are they ever great dogs. My Husky/German Shepherd mix sleeps with me each night, and I think she’d have a few things to say to any intruder.

  7. Reminds me of our red Doberman, Brutus. A loveable 110lbs brute. He thought we was tea-cup lap-dog until the day he died.
    His mother, Sabrina, would wait until everyone went to bed, check that everyone was safe in their beds, and then lay down on a spot in the hall that was central to all the bedrooms.
    His father, "Dobie", once woke from a dead sleep one evening, ears at attention, and tore out of the house without a sound. A few seconds later, we hear screaming.
    Dobie comes back in and lays back down.
    Next morning, we go out back and find a single sneaker and blood all over the back brick fence. (Strangely, the neighbors drug-addict/thief son was pretty scarce after that.)
    Fiercely protective and territorial.
    I miss them all and they've been gone over 40 years.

  8. Unbelievably good companions. All exactly the same, yet as individual as humans. They remind me of the quote on your site: The Spartans don't ask how many, only where the enemy is.....
    I'm playing catch up again, Ken.
    Great stuff, as always, thank you.

    Fjb and approximately 535 others!!


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