Monday, May 20, 2024

The Last One (PBS Special with Popcorn Sutton)

VIDEO HEREVIDEO HERE  (58:04 minutes)

The Last One is the Emmy award-winning PBS television special on moonshine in Appalachia, featuring Popcorn Sutton and JB Rader, who were relatively unknown outside of Maggie Valley at the time of filming. The film relies on source footage that was also used for the cult classic This is the Last Dam Run of Likker I'll Ever Make. Both films were produced by Neal Hutcheson (also camera and editing), while the original concept for the project was created by Popcorn Sutton. The similar titles have caused a lot of confusion ever since.

The primary filming was done in June 2002. Hutcheson gave "The Last Run" to Sutton to sell on VHS copies in the fall of that year and produced his own documentary version for film festivals, where it failed to attract any interest whatsoever. He then produced a new version for television, adding interviews and illustrations for greater context. It first appeared on SCETV in South Carolina in November 2008, then on UNCTV in North Carolina in early 2009, after which it was distributed to PBS markets around the United States and remained an audience favorite for many years. 


  1. My wifes family is from up in them thar hills. My kids were watching this and my son said "I have relatives named Sutton". I said "I know". The he said "I don't need the subtitles, I understand every word". I said "I know".

  2. I watched the film and thought it was very entertaining. Yes, there were a few parts that were "staged" and a little hokey, (i.e. making music while running a still?) but hey, it was the last damn one. Not too long after his death, I noticed a copper still on Ebay advertised as Popcorn's and having proof of authenticity, etc. It seems like it may have started at four hundred and went to six. A few months after that I see the same still, but a different seller and different price. Seems like it sold for over $14k. Of course, the whole thing could have been a scam. As a note, I didn't need subtitles either (LOL).

  3. Popcorn was nailed by the Revenuers and sentenced to prison. He committed suicide rather than go to jail. He was known in Sylva, Waynesville and Lake Junaluska as well.

  4. WestcoastDeplorableMay 21, 2024 at 7:49 PM

    Excellent documentary! I remember my brother trading cars back in the 60's in order to get one with a large enough trunk to carry 100 gallons of moonshine. Unfortunately he got drunk one night and ran it through a barbed wire fence before he could mount the tank. It still ran and drove even though the driver's side door was mashed in by a fence post, so I bought it from him for $75. Good times!


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