Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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    1. Same although my % is quite a bit less than this example. I guess it's like her waist - expanding.

  2. #19!
    #1 - Yeah, go on and explain to me how YOU didn't spend any money on booze and weed after you got out of college. (Not that I'm excusing laziness, but it *is* flat out true that young people today are having a harder time financially. Inflation is real, and effects housing more than any other sector. Still illegal for Biden to continue to "excuse" student loans, the courts even said so, WTF is going on that he's getting away with it?!?! Or is that just the media reporting that he's doing it, even though it can't actually be done, in order to drum up more support?)

    John G

    1. You really want to hear it? I didn't go to college but I made sure my bills were paid before I spent money on anything other than necessities, meaning rent, utilities, gas and food. I cooked my own fucking meals instead of eating fast foods, and if I wanted to go someplace but didn't have the money to spare, I didn't go.
      And as long as I'm on the subject, if I needed money that I didn't have, I worked OT if it was available or hired myself out doing day labor on the weekends.
      Does that satisfy your need for a fucking explanation?

    2. Took me 20yrs to pay off my loans, but I did it with out a drop of gov help. If I didn't have the money for something, it didn't get bought. Worked 2 jobs part of the time and did OT at one of them. If they don't want to pay off the load, don't take the loan out. If they want to go to school, then get a degree in something you can make money in and pay off your bills. I'm tired of helping freeloaders.

    3. It's called self discipline. You pay for the necessities of life first, build an emergency fund and then you can buy yourself some luxuries. Food is a necessity but having a restaurant prepare it for you is a luxury as is having it delivered. Go to the second hand store, buy a good knife, a cutting board and some pots and pans and learn to turn raw veggies and meat into meals, you'll save money and eat healthier. Alcohol, pot, tattoos, and junk food are luxuries - things you want, not need.
      I lived in small, crummy apartments and drove cars that were held together with bodyfiller while I paid off my college loan and saved for a downpayment on my house. After I bought the house I worked OT and cashed vacation leave in to make extra mortgage payments.

    4. Lived on ramen noodles and hot dogs, mac & cheese (always save brand) and hamburger and didn't buy anything I didn't have the cash for while in both undergrad and Veterinary School. Watched for sales on chicken parts and then stocked the freezer (leg quarters for 29 cents a pound for a 10 lb bag) Unlike most Veterinary students I worked 20-25 hours per week while in school (It's estimated that professional school students take the equivalent of 30 credit hours per semester) so the only thing that had to go was sleep. Usually lived on 5-6 hrs per night. It wasn't fun but it was rewarding and 8 years after I began college I was a DVM. Then I had to pay back student loans--not easy on an associate vet's pay. But I did it and it worked out. Self discipline is the only way to live. I'm a little more extravagant now, but I'm in a better financial situation. I'm still pretty frugal; my wife is even more so.

  3. No matter what I do I have to stop at 3 and go to my happy place. Knuckledragon memes and always thank you

  4. #9....I have never had any trouble parallel parking, nail it first time, every time. I hitch up a trailer only once or twice a year, and have noticed I can back it like a pro, unless somebody is watching, then it involves a couple ass backwards turns, straighten up and try again.

    1. Heck parallel parking was in my 1959 driving test. My problem with parallel parking recently is after I've right-signaled well before the open space and slowed, when I put the car in reverse there's a dumb ass right on my rear bumper bowing their horn.

  5. #10. Marry a short gal and the top shelf is yours forever.

  6. #16. It's fun to confuse flat earthers. Tell them the moon is fake which is why you ever only see one side of it. It was painted long before technology existed that could make it appear to rotate and while the tech exists now, people would notice if they changed it.

    1. It's is an disc not square....heh!

      Chutes Magoo

  7. Most of these had me shaking my head and thinking what the hell

  8. #10 - truth! My girlfriend has 8 drawers, I have 2. I have 6in of closet space, she has 9ft6in. She has a shoe rack in the closet and one on the back of the bedroom door, both are full. I have two pairs of shoes...

    #20 for the win. This may be the best I've ever seen (that didn't include bare breasts)

  9. Last year my wife fell and almost took out her eye on the corner of a table. She had damaged a tear duct and it was July 4th weekend and on one was in town they felt could thake care of it. So they transferred the case to Grady in Atlanta (where they killed my mother, but that's another story). Supposedly Grady was ready for us and the right person would be there. The receptionist person had no idea what was going on and just put our folder on the pile. When 23:00 came and they were going to kick every one out except the patients, I explained the situation to the top sergeant who was running everyone out. Things got moving. We were told she should have been sent to Trauma immediately. Turned out no one special took care of my wife, just a couple of duty doctors did it right there in the hall since they didn't have any room, what with all the Friday night Atlanta gun shots.
    On the other hands, a couple of months ago, the dog (45lb, GSD mi.) made a surprise move and I fell and bounced my head on the driveway. PIedmont Hospital in Athens, Ga checked us right in and there was a doctor roaming the waiting room looking for injuries, I he got us, said come with me, we went right to triage. It was a whole different experience having something to do with diversity of staff and patients.

  10. #10 hah you pikers. My wife has 90 percent of the house. I have the other 10. And she wonders why I don’t park in the garage.

    1. Lucky you!

      All of our house is my wife's - except the part that includes all the bills.

  11. 16. Glad they got this one right for a change. Lately Pluto has been left out of charts of the solar system just like it never existed. Put the damn planet in there where it goes.

  12. #12 Delete toddler, insert wife.

  13. # 10. Last live in girlfriend took 4 trips to get all her shit out of my house..... I can do it with one pickup trip if I had to......


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