Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Your Tuesday Morning Florida Report

A man wanted in a Florida shooting was found Friday “folded, not so neatly” inside a dryer, according to sheriff’s officials.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office said David Jerome Jackson, 31, was a suspect in a March shooting and deputies received a tip he was in a home along Edgewater Drive.


  1. He should have used a downy sheet. Dryer really fucked up his hairdo. Also, yesterday in Gainesville shots fired on UFC. Two gentlemen in a corvette stopped. Three or four hand guns found. Went to court. Becuase the banks were closed for Memorial Day and they could get money for their bond, they were set free. I guess bond hearing to be held this week. Can you fuckin believe that? I say gentlemen loosly, yes Yogi.

    1. should have read "Couldn't" get money for their bond.

    2. Gainesville is a leftist shithole. Governor DeSantis has hammered the UF administration and the City administration over all the bullshit they have pulled.

  2. I hope they tossed a Bounce sheet in with him.

  3. Small enough to fit in a dryer? No wonder the punk had to carry a gun.


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