Monday, June 24, 2024

GLOCK Inc. Moves to Dismiss Chicago Lawsuit over ‘Glock Switch’

GLOCK Inc. has filed a motion in federal court seeking dismissal of a harassment lawsuit filed against the company by the City of Chicago seeking to hold the company responsible for “facilitating the proliferation of illegal machine guns” in the city, which have been altered by the addition of an aftermarket component generically known as the “Glock switch.”


  1. Cant very well hold the denizens of that fine community responsible, can we? Somebody gonna pay and dey owes me.

  2. Because chi naa is flooding the streets with ILLEGALdevices, Glock has to pay? Fuck Chicongo!


  3. I thought the ATF required that trigger linkages for semi-auto weapons be designed so that it is quite difficult to convert them to full-auto. Like requiring welding and machining on the receiver, not just adding a bolt-on part. ATF obviously decided decades ago that the Glock design complies with this. So how does the Glock switch work? And does it give any actual fighting advantage, or merely allow the user to miss at a higher rate?

    I'm guessing that some clever tinkerer invented something that neither Glock's designers nor ATF's experts ever imagined was possible. But the design is still ATF-approved, and a requirement to change needs to come through the ATF rule-making process, not a Chicago court. I suspect that if there's any simple design change that blocks the Glock switch without reducing the reliability, Glock would have already done it - except that ATF must approve the changes.

    There's one more clause that should have been in the federal law banning nuisance lawsuits against gun manufacturers - that when a suit lost because it violated this law, the plaintiffs must pay all the defendant's legal costs, all court costs, and a $100,000 fine on top of that.

    1. Say what? Where in the world do you get your information from?
      And Fuck the ATF. Their unconstitutional rule making process just got tossed by the Supreme Court this morning in case you haven't gotten around to reading about it today.


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