Wednesday, June 19, 2024

MD Governor set to issue 175,000 pardons for marijuana convictions

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore is scheduled to sign an executive order to issue 175,000 pardons for marijuana convictions Monday, according to a news report.


  1. Unfortunate they have to make it a racial thing, but I'm glad to see the ball is rolling on ending prohibition.

  2. What a head rush.

  3. Well, good.

    Had a pal fired from the bank we were working at when they found a possession conviction in college.

  4. Really, did I need to know this, I don't think so

  5. Is a pardon the same as vacating a conviction, or whatever it's called? Unless record is sealed, it's still 'there', and if another jurisdiction knows about it...
    Think Canadian border service pulling your records when you visit. The pardon does not 'pass thru' retroactively, at least without a lot of legal involvement.

  6. I never understood the fascination with marijuana, or the paranoia surrounding it. When I was in High School, my friends risked serious jail time just to get a little high. If you were caught with booze, the police would normally just lecture you and make you poor it out. You might spend a night in jail if you were actually drunk and they thought you might hurt yourself or someone else. If you were caught with marijuana it was an automatic arrest and charges for possession would be filed and you'd probably turn 18 in juvenile detention. If you were caught with seeds, you were charged as a dealer. That could get you decades behind bars. The adults (Ok, alleged adults) truly believed that marijuana would drive you insane, and would automatically lead to hard drug use. The powers that be decided to do some drug education in High School. They had a spray that smelled like marijuana so we'd know how to identify it and avoid it. They also passed out three "marijuana cigarettes" (their words, not mine) so we'd know what they looked like. These were passed around and all four were collected. One of the teachers suddenly realized the discrepancy and the class was ended. It was never mentioned again. Hopefully, the pardons will eventually lead to the charges being expunged, but it'll still be too late. Those lives are forever damaged. With luck, it will lead to fewer prosecutions for simple possession and sale to adults.

  7. Even if a case is sealed or expunged, a record remains. I know, I've been caught in that ("Sir, we notice you had a case about **** expunged. We'll take that into account". Same with charges being dropped. "But you were charged")
    But I favor legalization as a basis of individual rights. I also favor re-legalization of tobacco even though I'm not a user of either. If I own a bar and don't want people smoking, that's my right. Just like if I allowed or even encouraged smoking (cigar bars for example). You don't like it, take your money someplace else, don't get the govt involved. I also favor real water faucets, gas cans, automobiles, and other such the govt has stuck their nose into.
    Friggin do-gooders.

  8. This is to help pave the way if Pedo Joe steps aside and the Demonrats are looking for a fresh face vs all the known big wig criminals, this guy has a clean slate relatively speaking


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