Thursday, June 20, 2024

The Prudence of Presidential Immunity

The contemporary American Left is willing to go full scorched earth to win every tactical advantage, without thinking about the long-term consequences of the precedents that their “victories” will establish. This is especially a problem with the lawfare that they have chosen to wage, in which every outcome necessarily sets up a principle that can be invoked later on, in other contexts, by other actors, and for entirely different purposes than the ones the Left is trying to accomplish. This heedlessness is evident these days not only in their uncritical celebration of Donald Trump’s conviction in the New York bookkeeping case, but also in their denunciations of Trump’s argument for presidential immunity in the context of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s effort to prosecute the former president for actions relating to the events of January 6, 2021.


  1. "The Left" plays by the rules "by any means necessary and destroy all resistance". That means by any means including violence. Taking the "High moral ground" and playing fair with the sociopaths will embolden them more and just hasten their victory.

  2. Obama drone killing American citizens is murder without fair trial and conviction. He has literally no defense.

  3. Destroy presidential immunity and watch American politics abandon "peaceful transfer of power." It will be more like Thunderdome and BarterTown.


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