Sunday, October 19, 2008

My old mining claim

This one of my old claims. You can see my claim notification on the tree above my truck, still there after 20 years. At least I think it's the same sign...... The claim looks completely abandoned judging by the brush that had grown back after I cleared it out.
This was one of the most accessible claims I've had. You could drive right up to it!
I bought the claim from a friend thinking that I could remove all the overburden right down to the country rock, clean out the gold and start living the good life within a week or two. Yeah, right. For one thing, there's only water there during the spring - the rest of the year it's dry diggins and that means backbreaking work.
See the pile of rock in the background of the 3rd picture down? That was the result of a solid weeks' work, and I never did hit bedrock.
I worked the claim just enough to make my purchase price and claim filing fees back then I gave it back to the scorpions, tarantulas and rattlesnakes. I was seriously outnumbered by them anyways......