Sunday, December 14, 2008

From Ibeam The Mullet Hunter - Greenwood Lake, NY

Okay folks, I've gotten quite a few emails wanting to know just who in the hell is Ibeam The Mullet Hunter. Here he is in living color.
We "met" a few years back when he bought some tattoo memorabilia from me (might have been the other way around, it's been a long time) on eBay.
We've stayed in touch since and he's been a great friend.
What makes him a mullet hunter? Well, he's got about a million pictures of mullets on his myspace page. It's fucking hilarious......

Hey Ken,
I've been reading your blog for a while now and look forward each day to seeing what you are going to post. My favorites are STRAIGHT UP WHITE TRASH and your fishing blogs. I live in Greenwood Lake, NY (about an hour's drive North West of NYC). You and I have been in contact for a number of years now, after our first contact on eBay, and am glad for our internet friendship. Attached is a pic of my sorry ass! Feel free to post.

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