Saturday, December 13, 2008

A shitload of mid-size trout but no BAT

Ted writes:
Do you launch out of Glory Hole or fish from the bank?
Me and Dad headed back to Melones today and had a blast. Last weekend we went to Angels Cove and didn't do shit so today we headed to Tuttletown and caught more fish from the bank than we could count. We were catching them on spinners, Kastmasters, Rapalas and Rebels in a blue/white color.
I usually don't keep fish but they were slamming our lures so hard that we gill hooked 8 and had to keep them.
I think the biggest one was a hookbeak only about 20 inches but was fatter than a football so I calculated his weight to be close to 5 pounds. He got turned back. The smallest one was maybe 12 inches.
Funny, but every boat that came in, came in empty.
I figure all in all we caught about 30 fish in 5 hours, then a cold front moved in. Snow was expected so we called in the dogs, pissed on the fire and headed for the big house. Deb, that's southernspeak for going home.....


Anonymous said...

thats not too shabby if your ever this far south we will go catfishing

-the andychrist

wirecutter said...

Hey, I'm headed for Texas early this spring. If time allows, I'll give you a holler.
Thanks, AC

Anonymous said...

I have not fished in Melones in several years, which is too bad I drive over it every day on my way to work.

I don't think I can get away Sunday but maybe Karl (my son) and I can try next week.