Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Things I'm gonna do this year

1) Take a road trip down to El Paso by way of Ft Sumner and Lincoln County, New Mexico then loop back up to Amarillo, TX.
2) Check into getting a pilot's license.
3) Beat my personal best record for BAT.
4) Start hunting again
5) Kill the Evil Cats
6) Get my GED
7) Do some serious backpacking
8) Get back into ghost-towning


Anonymous said...

hey man if your in amarillo your only 6 hours away..stop buy il buy you dinner


yolo said...

ghost towning! sounds cool,
would love to hear a story
or two on that

LulaBelle said...

Everything sounds good-but don't kill the cats! I swear, I'm turning in to my mother.....

Deb said...

Need help with the cats quest? I'm a sharp shooter with a BB gun, ya know.

What is 'ghost towning'? Sounds a little creepy.

wirecutter said...

Ghost towning ain't nothing more than finding an old town or townsite on the map, researching it's history and then trying to find the sumbitch. When you find it, look around and try to figure out what was what - saloons, mines, mills, cathouses, etc....

Some of them you can drive right to and others might take a day or two to hike in to.
Might find old buildings but more often than not it's just a site with foundations.

wirecutter said...

LulaBelle, you had your chance. If you recall I offered to FedEx them to you.