Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another White Trash Saturday Night

I got a call from Debbie today saying that she has coyotes in her front yard in broad daylight so I loaded up and went out.
I had been checking out the tracks around her and Willie's place and figured that they were pretty much all coming from the southeast, crossing the creek, going across their property and then circling back around on the adjoining property. I found that they were crossing the creek at 2 different fords, both of which were on either side of the goat pen that was probably attracting the fuckers to begin with.
I took the east ford and Pops took the western one and we got ready to bring some serious smoke down on those coyotes. We couldn't see any sense in calling seeing as they were using the property as a major highway, so we hunkered down in the tall grass and waited. And waited. And waited.
Right about dusk, something splashed in the creek directly below me. I couldn't see what it was because of the one big bush that was blocking my view of the bottom, but I could see the ripples. Up comes the shootgun, off came the safety, and...... nothing. I held that shotgun on that bush for so long I thought my arms were gonna fall off, but nothing happened.
About 30 minutes after last light, we met back at the truck and decided to ambush the field in front of the house. The coyotes had to cross the dirt road to get to the field to hunt rodents and the field had been recently cut, so there was a nice contrast. I parked my ass on top of the front tire of the tractor and Pops went over to the other side of the barn and we started waiting again. We could hear the coyotes start to yip and howl off a couple of hundred yards away, but they circled the field, crossed the highway and moved off. That was strange because we had the breeze in our faces so I knew they didn't scent us. No telling why they stayed off the field.
Debbie came out about midnight with a couple of cold beers, so we said fuck it and hung it up for the evening.
As we were leaving the property, my headlights flashed across the highway and caught 3 coyotes trotting across another field.
What a fucking bust.

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