Saturday, April 17, 2010

Do you need any more reasons?

Thanks, Tom


Anonymous said...

What really frosts my ass is the repeated announcements by the obama henchmen that we have turned the corner and the economy is getting better. I do NOT like being lied to. All the indicators they use are Bullshit. The unemployment rates are still going up, because obama and his henchmen are doing everything in their power to destroy our free market economy.
They now are trying to make a 10% unemployment rate the norm, when during the Bush administration 6% was considered bad. Double standard by the MSM???
They can play all the numbers games they want but nothing will replace the basic fact that if people do not have jobs no one buys anything.
obama and his stooges don't remember or never heard the old saying "Beware the fury of a patient man" My patience has run out.
Paul in Texas

badgirl33 said...

you forgot the eleventh reason: me ;)

BobG said...


wirecutter said...

You commented under the wrong post, Paul. But I hear everything you're saying.