Monday, April 12, 2010


Why in the fuck is it that no matter which hand I have all my plastic grocery bags in, that's the pocket that my keys are in?
And almost all the time it's not only when I'm trying to get in my truck, but when I'm trying to get in the house.


Tattoo Jim said...

You still have plastic bags in the land of fruits and nuts??????? Damn!

YOLO said...

i have that same problem ken, lets work on that, huh
Hi TJ!!

longrooffan said...

I am lucky that I never have to lock my door over here on the right coast. By the way, been to this site yet?

And no, I won't tell you my address.

By the way, been to this site yet?

Oh yeah, Fuck Obama.

wirecutter said...

TJ - They won't use 'em on the coast but we're 90 miles and a whole 'nother world away.

YOLO - Tell you what, you dig my keys out and I'll dig yours out.

LRF - I'll check it out as soon as I finish my bacon sandwich.

wirecutter said...

Oh yeah LRF, Emails from an asshole - Woody turned me onto it a few weeks ago. I posted the site and got some great responses back from it.

Deb said...

That happens to you too? Then when you put the key in the lock, does it usually turn out to be the wrong key? THEN, after you've juggled the groceries, mail, empty lunch thing, etc., the key won't turn because you need the other hand to pull the door toward you with one hand while you unlock with the other. Once the door is opened, NutJob becomes a projective missile with the target being my crotch as she tries to jumps up with that little Corgi body to lick my face, the bitch.

Good times.