Sunday, August 08, 2010

A few thoughts

I got more comments from the post below about me not being able to open a can because I trimmed my thumbnails than I get from most of my posts. That tells me about the quality of my readers...... My kinda people......

Why in the fuck do dogs like to eat catshit? I can't bring myself to try it yet.

Speaking of dogs, it's 105 outside and I scorch the soles of my feet to check my dinner in the smoker. Yet CharlieGodammit not only can lay on those hot paver bricks, but he can sit on them without blistering his asshole.

How come black folks get sunburned?

Why is it that when I climb into the shower and think about how good it feels and I really should do it more often, that I don't? Is there a rule against showering twice daily whether you need it or not?

How come I like my food so spicy that it makes my eyes water and I have to take a break from eating just to cool down?

Why is it I can be jamming down the road with the windows down, the radio turned down so low you can't hear ir, yet I can fucking tell when a bitch-ass Rolling Stones song comes on? I already know why I want to do a header with a big rig when that happens.....

Why is it I place great value on family yet avoid my relatives like the plague?

How come every time I see a kid with his britches sagging down below his ass cheeks I want to sink a steel toe into his nuts? And along the same lines, when I see somebody with their ball cap turned backwards why do I want to twist his head around so his cap is facing the right way?

Why why why did I just wonder what it would feel like to stick a red hot screwdriver up my ass?