Friday, September 17, 2010

They could be from Kalifornia


The Stig said...

never have i heard so many words being spoken yet so little being said...

except when my fiancee is talking to me...HAHA

seriously though....have they NEVER seen a storm?

Foodstamps said...

Feh. I went through Hurricane Alicia back in '83 if I remember correctly. Gulf Coast of Texas. In the sticks. Extremely rural living. Destroyed Galveston (as usual). Changed building codes in Houston.

We were nine people living in a house with one toilet that didn't work because the pump was down due to lack of electricity. Propane worked, so did the stove. Nine meat and egg eating Texans in a house with one shitter, surrounded by a sea of nasty water. You do the math.

I remember the house lifting up and settling back down as the hurricane winds tried to blow us away.

The eye came and went, and then storm picked back up, spawning actual tornadoes the land 'round.

I've seen some fucked up things associated with real storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., but those dudes in Brooklyn saw nothing more than the average monsoon we get here in New Mexico.

Pussies, I'd say.

Skip said...

Pussies on the vid.
But no fuckin' way would I handle the snow they get every winter.