Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thoughts about spam

Have you noticed that when you answer your spam (yeah, I get bored) with "Fuck Allah and his bitch Mohammed too" that you never get a reply?
And why is it you get spam starting with the greeting "My beloved"? Fuck, I didn't even call whatshername that was here last weekend that, and I was trying to fuck her. Matter of fact, I was seriously avoiding the word "love" on that occasion.
Why do I get spam about trannygirls? Is it a contest I entered accidentally?
And how come it is that spam is only 4 kb long?
All this money I got coming? Motherfucker, you know my email even though I didn't send it to you. Send the bucks to my bank account that I also didn't send to you.
Seriously. Trannygirls? I don't even want to see a trannyboy.
And finally. If you can't string together 3 coherent words in a row, let it go. I'm only reading your shit for entertainment value. That and submitting my best friends' email and personal information. What are friends for?


Lula said...

I LOVE answering the Nigerian freaks! I told one once to eat shit and die and he actually replied-"Don't you ever talk like that to me again!" Ha!

mel said...

more importantly.... well? Did you fuck her?

wirecutter said...

Mel - I wouldn't have brought her up if I hadn't.