Saturday, November 13, 2010

I gotta move

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has shot an eight-point buck, and is donating the meat to an area food bank.
Nixon's office said in a news release that the governor killed the buck while hunting in Clark County in northeast Missouri on Saturday.

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Could you imagine if the Governor of California shot a deer?
There would be round-the-clock protests at the Capitol building by PETA, hippies and other assorted scum.
Barbara Boxer would introduce legislation to ban hunting and the Governors' future opponent would use his hunt against him with great effect.


Scott McCray said...

C'mon East, Bro' - we got plenty of room for folks like you in Virginia and North Carolina! At least come visit - lol.

The Stig said...

It's pretty nice over here in Missouri...still a few hippies but not as many, come on over and we can annoy them together.

i love parking my truck in the "Hybrid only" parking spaces...

Bushwack said...

Yeah the governor we got made his living killing the bad guys with GUNS, yet has been anti guns his entire terms. The prick signed on to a online ammo ban, wants ammo stamped and we will have to register with the state to get ammo after february.

Yeah I gotta move too...

But the good thing is businesses will be flocking to cali for the wonderful tax increases and extra regulation. sarcasm.

Robert said...

You have a Republican Governor that acts Democrat and we have a Democrat Governor that acts Republican. He even defended our Right to Carry in Missouri when he was the States Attorney General. Go Figure. Not Complaining, just doesn't make sense.