Friday, November 05, 2010

Take it with a grain of salt

Reports have it that The Obamessiahs' trip to India to attend a G-20 conference is going to run me and you about 200 million bucks a day.
Okay, even I don't believe that. For one thing, the war is "only" running us about 190 million a day and damned near every one of you knows how expensive ammo is.
So you can see why I'm doubting those reports.
But, checking into this a little further turns up some trippy shit.

As the BBC reports, Indian officials have been removing coconuts from any trees that Obama might walk under, to prevent anything from falling on the presidential head. And as London's Daily Telegraph notes, the country has deployed trained monkey catchers to prevent any "simian invasion" (a measure that Indian officials also took when President Bush visited in 2006).

Hey, I'm not trying to make light of the money that's going to be spent by Big Government by any means. Them monkey catchers and coconut pickers are just examples of wasteful spending. I mean, how many motherfuckers do you personally know that's been hit on the noggin with a coconut or leg-humped by a monkey? I got pissed on by an elephant once but that's a whole 'nother story.
So.There is no doubt, no doubt at all, this trip is going to cost us big, big bucks especially as the Obamas have no idea how to cut costs. But 200 million? I don't think so.
Fuck Obama.