Monday, November 22, 2010

Ya done good, Cliff.

Getting back to the motherfucker that protested the Grady NM Coyote Hunt:
He may be the best thing that ever happened to that school. I've gotten that link from people all over the country and I'm thinking I'm not the only one.
Me and Woody are kinda sorta tossing around the idea of making next years' shoot and if we can't make it we'll send a fucking check and I don't think we're alone here.
I bet Gradys' schools are gonna score big over this.
I can see it now:
Me and Woody roll into town but can't find a parking spot because people from all over the western US had the same idea. We got coyote hunters, we got outfitters and professional guides, we got deer hunters that want to learn to coyote hunt, we got folks that are there for the carnival that set up on the outskirts of town. We got folks that are there for the town-wide garage sale, folks that are there for the hotcake and burrito breakfast, we got folks that are there to get laid.
But best of all, we got a half dozen PETAphiles that are quivering in fear in a corner of the school parking lot trying to build up courage to throw paint on somebody.


drjim said...

Go for it!

Mulligan said...

my truck is looking kind of shabby lately .. it could use some new paint

'course they'll prob use some cheap hippie nature friendly pseudo-paint that'll wash off the first time it rains

Skip said...

I don't have anything else to do that week. Think I'll take a drive, see if I can get laid or whatever.
Think them fugly fucks from Code Pink will be there?

Wuulf said...

I always wondered what the legal consequences of those idiots throwing paint on people were. Most of the time, if its caught on camera, the police, if there are any, are restraining the freshly painted individual from going on an ass kicking spree. Do they just get away with it?