Saturday, December 11, 2010

No shit, huh?

Can you see this billboard in California?
Naw, neither can I.

But we can imagine it.
The fucking liberals would be going berserk, bouncing off walls and shit. Protests for days until somebody burns the place down (authorities suspect arson) and a bunch of fucking hippies come in and hold some weird-ass ritual to bless the earth.
Looting, rioting and shooting white folks down in LA because..... well, that's what they do down there.
Sharpton would somehow end up on TV again, dammit.
Obama would show up and go on record to say that "the police acted stupidly" for gassing violent protesters in Oakland. Then he'd apologize to everybody for something that happened a long fucking time ago.
Boxer would banish pork from California on the basis that a few folks find pigs offensive.
That motherfucker Jerry Brown would declare the property sanctuary, turn it into a meditation park and erect a multi-cultural center next door. Not a mosque, a multi-cultural center. Got it?

In South Carolina, they just laugh at the sign and enjoy some pulled pork.

Thanks, Derek


JeffH said...

Too Fucking Funny!!!! If I saw this in CA I'd laugh!

Anonymous said...

no Jews either!