Sunday, December 05, 2010

Oh dear God, what have I done now?

Friday I did something that many of us fantasize about but few do.
I told my TV service to fuck off and had my shit disconnected.
It wasn't one of those rash moments that y'all might have suspected, in fact I've been considering it for a couple of months now.
Me and Woody had been talking at work about how there really isn't shit on anyways and it's basically a mind-numbing, money and time wasting tool of the left wing government to subject us all to........ Sorry, I got wound up there. But seriously, I don't watch network news, I don't watch sports and the only network series I watched was Criminal Minds. So between Criminal Minds and the 2 hunting programs (both of which I can watch on their websites) I was really really really watching 2 hours of TV a week at 65 bucks a month. That's pretty fucking expensive for something I didn't really need.
But what really got to me was the amount of time the TV was on - from right afterI showered until I went to bed. Pure fucking noise and nothing else.
So I went to Netflix and joined for 10 bucks a month for both streaming videos and DVDs mailed to my home for when I get tired of reading and need a TV/Movie fix. Also plan on joining later today for a broader selection. That'll run me another 7 bucks.
It's been really nice these past couple of days. I've finished one book, started another and have gotten a few minor things done around the house.
Plus I cooked an ass-kicking roast in the slow-cooker yesterday and really got to enjoy it without and distractions.


drjim said...

Congrats! About the only things I watch are the History and Military channels.

Phillip said...

A media center PC attached to one of the new LCD TVs, with the PC hooked to your Internet connection, and you'll wonder why you didn't get rid of TV a while back.

You can watch stuff off Netflix, Hulu, the network websites, and so on. Plus you can see those Youtube videos in full screen, porn, or anything else you can view on your computer.

I only keep it because my wife and kids don't want to give it up.

RichardR said...

And while you're at it, check out this little gem.

Sevesteen said...

If I weren't married, I would have ditched cable as soon as I could get broadband internet without it. Nowhere near enough good on TV to justify the cost.

SanyoSoup said...

Welcome to the club! I canceled my satellite TV back in May, after I realized I hadn't watched it for over a month. Streaming Netflix and other online sources had already completely replaced it.