Sunday, January 02, 2011

A couple three weeks ago the good folks at sent me an email asking if I'd be interested in writing a review for them if they sent me some ammo.
Wait..... what? Free ammo? And all I have to do is write a review?
Yeah, I can do that.
I asked for and got a box of 45 ACP hardball a few days before Christmas, but due to my work schedule and weather today was the first chance I got to shoot. Yes, weather factors into it seeing as we have ONE 4 lane indoor range in the area.

The 45 ACP I got was Magtech  a brand that I wasn't personally familiar with. So what did I do? I googled it.
But wait, you say. It's not fair to influence your review beforehand!
Yeah it is. I don't give a fuck about being fair. I want to find out any shortcomings and problems before I shoot so I know what to watch for. The only problem was, I couldn't find anybody anywhere that had a problem with this ammo. According to everything I read, this shit was the best stuff since Bull Durham.
I loaded up my gear and headed out to shoot. Unfortunately the weather sucked - rainy, windy, and cold. But if I can hunt in it I can shoot my 45 in it, right?

I'm shooting a Colt Officers' Model, Magtech 45 ACP 230 gr FMC at an advertised muzzle velocity of 835 fps. I'm at home with this load - my carry loads are 230 gr Black Talons and I practice with 230 LRN.
I shot 2 seven shot groups at 7 yards, aimed from a modified Weaver. Both groups were very acceptable and could be covered with a playing card. I know, it suprised the shit out of me too that I was shooting so well.
About that time my target started coming apart due to rain so I switched to the redneck standby, a plow disk nailed to a tree.
I started double tapping the disk from various distances. I wasn't concerned with accuracy at this point (Thank God) but was concerned how the ammo would feed. I had absolutely no problems with it in that respect.
Okay. I took a box of my reloads with me as well, knowing that I wouldn't want to stop after only 50 rounds. When I started shooting my reloads I noticed that the felt recoil from my rounds were less than the Magtech. Now, my 230 LRN reloads are fairly hot, but the Magtech stuff was noticeably hotter.

So basically, the Magtech was pretty much what I expected from factory loaded ammo. It grouped well and fed flawlessly. Would I buy it again? Absolutely, and I'm gonna add another factor in here:
I reload and when I buy ammo, I want good brass to reload. There are some factory brands that I won't buy because their cases are shit.
Today I policed up most of my brass, brought it home, cleaned it up and promply reloaded it. I did all the checks for split cases, pressure checks, primer holes, everything. I could find nothing wrong with the cases at all. So now I have 46 new reloads in my ammo can.

Now it doesn't make a bit of difference if somebody has the best/cheapest ammo in the world, I won't trade with them if their attitudes suck. Customer Service is the name of the game as far as I'm concerned.
So here's where I review the seller:

Regular readers know that I've mentioned these folks before. They are one of the few businesses mentioned on my blog. Basically the deal is that I'll endorse you only if I'll personally do business with you myself, for whatever that's worth. offers a nice selection of calibers for handgun, rifle, shotgun and rimfire. What I really like about the site is that when you're shopping, you can see the inventory for that particular selection so you can tell how may boxes/cases they have left and if it's ready to ship.
They sell quality products (check out the brands for yourself) at a good price and their turn around time on shipping was better than I figured considering it was the week before Christmas.
They've got several means of contact so if you've got any questions you can call, email, or do that chat thing if you're that way. The only contact I've had with Steve was via email but I always got a prompt reply so there's no complaints there.

About the only bad thing I can think of is that they aren't carrying and Hornady VMax in 22-250 at the moment, and that shit is getting hard to find all of a sudden.

Shit, I almost forgot! Packages get left on porches everyday. I don't want an ammo box sized package sitting on my porch bench and these folks know that. They ship in a larger box than necessary! How cool is that?

Okay, I'm going to leave you with some links:


DaddyBear said...

Just out of curiosity, which freight company did they use to send you the ammunition? UPS and FedEx are supposed to require a signature for ammo.

wirecutter said...

I believe it was UPS. I had it sent to my folks' house because I knew I wouldn't be home when it was delivered.

Bushwack said...

I've shot MANY magtech rounds through my XD 40 and I have never had any issues. The only issue I'm going to have is having it shipped to me after February... Since I live in "PROK"(Peoples Republik of Kalifornia) they have seen fit to outlaw internet purchases of Ammo... So I'll be taking the 3 hour drive to AZ to buy mine from here on out.

wirecutter said...

Yeah, me too. Order now.

Bushwack said...

OFF TOPIC, but I thought I'd let you know there is a serious push to get Rick Perry to appoint Ted Nugent to the Texas parks and wildlife directors post. Please help by dropping a message at Contact Texas Gov

Thanks man.

drjim said...

Been shooting Magtech for several years now, and it's great stuff!

Skip said...

I use mostly Magtech brass [Midway] when loading .45acp and .357mag. The 45's have been shot twenty times so far and still looking good. Not real hot 230 ball on top of 6gr Unique.
Good stuff.

Jack said...

I've been looking around for some good .45 ammo for sale when I came across your blog. I'm glad you included the bit about reloading the magtech brass. That's something I'm always curious about but not many people seem to think is important when picking a good ammo.

drjim said...

Even though I don't reload, I always try to pick up as much of my brass as I can. I've been sending it to one of my buddies back in Illinois who's a bit short on funds to buy new brass. He always appreciates getting good quality, once-fired brass.
Shooting my wife's 357 revolver is easy....just dump the brass into a little tray we carry with us. Shooting my Marlin in 357 is a bit harder, especially of you're trying to rapid-fire it, but pretty easy if you don't work the lever super fast.
Shooting my 30-30 Marlin is about the same for saving the brass.
Shooting my Kimber 1911 is more of a chore when it comes to saving the brass, and shooting my 40 S&W Sig is a nightmare. That sucker tosses the brass about 6 or 7 feet over my right shoulder!