Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seeker? Hello?

Hey fucker, I deleted your comments about the soldiers that bravely served their (southern) home states and I've got a few readers that are curious as to just what you said.
Any way you can re-send your bullshit so I can share it with them? Either comment again or send it to my email:  If you can't re-post you're original comments, do the best you can.
You don't even have to identify yourself since we already know you're a pussy.
By the way, stay the fuck away from the British Columbia. Bella's pissed......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing how brave people like seeker get when they can remain anonymous. It used to be people like him talk bad when they were on the phone. Face to face they would never dare talk like a baddass. Along comes the internet and they get even braver. These types are double cowards. A man should never say something on the phone that he wouldn't be willing to say face to face.
Paul in Texas