Sunday, January 23, 2011

Woman of the Year (updated)

Orbitup was wondering if the phot was 'shopped (see the first couple of comments) so I did some checking and googled "woman flipping off Ahmadinejad" and came up with a few links. I found the original picture at this site:
Below is the original photo. Yes, she did block the car and yes, she was arrested. Finger or not, she's got some brass ovaries.
She's still Woman of the Year.


orbitup said...

Please tell me that's not photoshopped!

wirecutter said...

I don't think it is. You can see a reflection of her arm in the chrome.
I'm pretty sure that was in the States if it is real. The bird isn't universal, ya know. Check out my TSA post a few days ago.

wirecutter said...

Sorry. I just did some checking and it is shopped. She did block the vehicle and her hand was upraised but she wasn't flipping him off.

orbitup said...

The guy in the famous Tiananmen Square picture wasn't using the bird either, but he made his point.

Chris said...

I recently read an interview with the photographer who took the famous Tian An Men pic. He stated that originally, he wanted to photograph the tanks lined up and when the guy stepped in front of the foremost tank, he thought something along the lines of "WTF get out of the picture, you're ruining my composition!"
He only realized later that he had taken a one-in-a-lifetime picture. Literally. For him AND the dude in front of the tank.